Long time no see, checking in. #VivianCheckingInMany newcomers might not know me, but most of the old members should recognize me. I’m Vivian, I used to be quite active in this group and also served as a mentor. Because I’ve benefited from LCHF, I’m happy to share and help answer questions within my knowledge range. […]

The wide variety and round-the-clock availability have been among the factors why clerk Farah Hanisa Juman found it difficult to control her food intake. “Last December, I weighed around 80kg and was constantly feeling lethargic and falling sick. “My self-esteem was quite low and I had a wake-up call after seeing a photo my colleague

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According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019, out of 50.1% of Malaysian adults, 30.4% were overweight and 19.7%, obese. Obesity rates have also been on the rise each year from 14% in 2006 to 15.1% (2011) and 17.7% (2015). The next NHMS will be conducted in 2024. The report also said those

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