There are days that we don’t feel like cooking and eating a full course meal for sahur. There are 2 options either blended smoothie or meal prep this super easy protein balls. Today i’m sharing recipe for Cinnamon Protein Balls. .This protein balls can be made ahead of time and kept upto a week chillin’ […]

This delicious breakfast recipe is created with carefully selected ingredients for a lower carbohydrate content but high in good fat and protein. .We use Lakanto Sweetener that gives it a natural sweetness without a bitter aftertaste. So it is not only grain-free and dairy-free but also Sugar-free. Perfect for predawn sahur meal for the upcoming

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French omelette recipe is just eggs and butter with no filling. The egg is folded for a soft, tender texture. The ingredients is very simple but what makes it a perfect omelette is the technique. This Red Omelette recipe is not only filling but has a gorgeous hue from the red palm oil. It is

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Our Keto dumplings is easy that everyone in the family can join making them together. What is great about this recipe is it uses Lakanto sweetener, a healthier sugar replacement for whole family. Follow Lakanto Malaysia for more wholesome, lowcarb and sugarfree recipes.