How long has it been since you had scallion pancakes? Most of the scallion pancakes are sold in Taiwan and China. Watching the scallion pancakes sold on the street smell from afar, and watching the fragrant food with high calorie and starch must be delicious, but you will definitely want to eat it and you […]

Keto Sugar Free Syrup

Have you eaten syrup without sugar before? Should we call syrup without putting sugar? The answer is “Yes”!. We can use the substitute sugar like stevia, erythritol, allulose and else to make it. It is a Natural sweeteners also known as sugar substitutes that can be extracted as such from plants. It taste sweet like the

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Recently, I’m very excited and craving to eat crunchy and crispy biscuit because I haven’t eaten the Macadamia Flaxseed Crispy Mini Bun for a long time. I was greedy just thinking about it. Even my parents said it was delicious. Since it was certified by family, the recipe must be shared with everyone. It tastes

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Low Carb Keto cream cheese ice cream

This is the best time to eat ice cream during the hot season. When i was making ice cream, I remembered that my father always bought me and my sister the ice creams when we were children. We were so happy during that time. Nowadays, my father and mother getting older, so I decided to

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The people around you are eating fragrant potato chips, and you can’t stop watching yourself especially during diet. To satisfy your cravings, let’s make Low carb Keto potato chips. They are baked with kale. It look like seaweed but taste like potato very amazing and healthy by using three ingredients only very simple and delicious,

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