Great Experience Low carb diet with Wei

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Wei had always struggled with her weight, and her cholesterol was slightly high at 5.28mmol/L. In April of 2021, Wei decided to try LCHF, a low carb high-fat diet. At the time, she weighed 67kg and was 155cm tall, with a goal weight of 55kg.

Wei started to see results quickly. By December of 2021, she had lost 14kg and reached her goal weight of 53kg. However, Wei soon started to relax her LCHF diet, allowing herself to indulge in treats like cake, kaya toast, and laksa. Despite these occasional splurges, Wei remained committed to avoiding rice and other high-carb foods.

Over time, Wei began to notice her clothes feeling a bit more snug, and she realized it was time to get serious about her LCHF diet again. She was determined to maintain her healthy habits and stick to whole, unprocessed foods with minimal carbs and sugar.

In June of the following year, Wei went for a check-up and was pleased to see that her blood sugar was at a healthy level of 4.9 and her cholesterol had dropped to 4.5. Her blood pressure was also normal, and Wei knew that her commitment to LCHF had played a significant role in improving her overall health.

As time went on, Wei continued to prioritize her LCHF diet, focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding high-carb and sugary items. By October of 2022, Wei weighed 56kg, and her BMI was a healthy 23.

Wei knew that her commitment to a healthy lifestyle was a lifelong journey, but she felt confident that with LCHF, she had found a sustainable way to maintain her weight and improve her overall health. She smiled as she made a mental note to keep “checking in” with herself, staying accountable to her goals, and continuing to prioritize her well-being.