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Long time no see, checking in. #VivianCheckingIn
Many newcomers might not know me, but most of the old members should recognize me.

I’m Vivian, I used to be quite active in this group and also served as a mentor. Because I’ve benefited from LCHF, I’m happy to share and help answer questions within my knowledge range. In the group, I’ve also shared a lot of informative posts, have you read them? ☺️

I belong to the lower end of the BMI scale, usually hovering between BMI 21-23, and my weight doesn’t fluctuate drastically. The highest point after LCHF was during pregnancy. After giving birth and ending a 15-month breastfeeding period, I actively resumed my diet. Oh, by the way, LCHF also helped me improve my PCOS problem, and I conceived naturally ☺️

Though it’s been a journey with ups and downs, diet has become a lifestyle for me, and LCHF is a way of life. Unconsciously, I naturally avoid carbs and sweets. I never count calories, let alone intentionally consume more fats. Everything is done in the simplest, most natural way. I must say, mixed vegetable rice is my good friend 🤣

I’m actually almost 40 (an ‘aunty’?) 😂 My metabolism has noticeably slowed down. To maintain the right dietary habits is essential for taking care of my health ❤️ Looking at my old photos, I can barely recognize myself 😣😣. Fortunately, I got to know LCHF. Currently, I still have about 3kg to go to get back to my peak period, and I still have some excess weight. I believe if I keep going, I’ll soon reach my ideal BMI again!

I’m at a loss for words and suddenly can’t think of what to write. So, I’ll just share some of my previous posts. I hope they can encourage everyone, including those who want to regain their health, lose weight, get pregnant, become more beautiful or handsome, and myself.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone:
LCHF is not a magic potion, it’s not some cult like drinking snake oil.
If you have health issues, please consult a doctor first ❤️

Stay motivated ❤️