🌸 Matcha Latte ❤️ Hello everyone, I’m Vivian. Today I’m sharing hand-shake milk cap with matcha tea. The rich cream is paired with mellow and pure matcha tea. It is easy to create small luck in life. Let’s do it with me. I really like the milky latte, and I feel very happy to satisfy […]

Keto Sugar Free Syrup

Have you eaten syrup without sugar before? Should we call syrup without putting sugar? The answer is “Yes”!. We can use the substitute sugar like stevia, erythritol, allulose and else to make it. It is a Natural sweeteners also known as sugar substitutes that can be extracted as such from plants. It taste sweet like the

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For less than NT$50, you can eat rice balls with vegetables and meat that are quite satisfying. Not only are they popular in Taiwan, they are also sold in foreign stores. Because after implementing the ketogenic diet, there is no way to eat the whole traditional rice ball to be satisfied, I use keto-friendly ingredients

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