low-carbohydrate diet changes lead to improved health

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The wide variety and round-the-clock availability have been among the factors why clerk Farah Hanisa Juman found it difficult to control her food intake.

“Last December, I weighed around 80kg and was constantly feeling lethargic and falling sick.

“My self-esteem was quite low and I had a wake-up call after seeing a photo my colleague had taken of me.

“I told myself that I had to improve my eating habits,” she told StarMetro.

The 22-year-old said her friend recommended that she try a low-carbohydrate diet in January.

Farah Hanisa Juman, 22, said she managed to reduce her weight from 80kg to 58kg in about 10 months by changing her diet and skipping rope.

While on the diet, she abstains from eating rice, fast food, sugary treats and drinks.

With supper also out of the question, Farah Hanisa said it was initially challenging, especially when seeing her friends and family enjoying their nasi goreng and pasta dishes.

“I still eat whatever my mother cooks, but I avoid rice.

“Besides being mindful of what I consume, I also started skipping rope to get fit.

“In March, I started seeing results and after about 10 months, I managed to reduce my weight to 58kg.

“I noticed that I get sick less often and my new look is a confidence-booster,” said Farah Hanisa, adding that she would stick to this diet.

Ng Zi Han, 26, who used to be a swimming instructor, hardly had any health concerns initially.

However, this changed after he was hospitalised in the intensive care unit following a road accident about five years ago.

“Upon recovery, I had some side effects such as heart issues, lack of focus and I was slow in responding to others.

“The doctor also said there was a possibility that I could get a stroke, too.

“However, I did not make any changes to my lifestyle and in March 2020, I was admitted to the hospital.

“That was a turning point for me and a few doctors recommended that I try the ketogenic diet, which involves eating food that is high in fats and low in carbohydrates,” he said.

Ng said his new dietary regime was met with negative comments but he was determined to make a change.

About two months after he started eating lots of vegetables and meat, and cutting down on processed foods and carbohydrates, he said his health improved significantly.

“My tests showed my blood sugar levels had improved and I also noticed my work and social life got better too as I was more focused.

“Besides eating properly, having quality sleep is equally important. And so is keeping stress levels low.

Ng says health issues and the threat of a stroke led him to change his dietary regimen.

“Due to my personal journey, I have been encouraging my friends and family to take better care of their health now and not wait until they fall sick before doing so,” said Ng.