Palm oil is a very common oil we can find in Malaysia. But it is hard to find pure palm fruit oil. Palm fruit oil is 100% fat, half of which is saturated. It also contains vitamin E and red palm oil contains antioxidants called carotenoids, which your body can convert into vitamin A. Palm […]

For years, measurements of blood cholesterol have been used to assess the risk of heart disease. We have been intensively educated about the role of LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C), commonly nicknamed the bad cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol (HDL-C), often called the good cholesterol. For many different reasons, lowering LDL-C has become a primary goal in cardiovascular prevention. There is substantial

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What are supplements? Available as tablets, capsules, gummies, sprays or powders, dietary and nutritional supplements are used to complement a diet that may, potentially, be lacking. Although increasingly popular, it’s important to remember that in the UK there are no requirements for supplements to be licensed or registered and they don’t need a prescription. Why do people

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By 2025 sales of vitamins and supplements are expected to reach a record £559 million – but do they work?There is a lot of debate about supplements. Some health professionals claim they are essential to make up for the fact that most of us aren’t eating enough fruit and veg. Others say that supplement pills

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Did you know that consuming medium chain triglyceride oil can induce a mild state of nutritional ketosis without the need to reduce dietary carbohydrate?Have you ever wondered why? Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of dietary fat that differ from other fats such as short- or long-chain triglycerides in terms of their structure and metabolism.

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Taking steps to keep certain hormones, like cortisol and estrogen, at optimal levels can have a positive impact on your weight. HormonesTrusted Source are important substances that serve as chemical messengers in your body. They facilitate nearly every bodily process, including metabolismTrusted Source, hunger, and fullness. Because of their association with appetite, some hormones also

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