The best high protein vegetables for weight loss

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Can eating more vegetables help you lose weight? Absolutely! But some types with high protein are better for weight loss than others.

Your go-to vegetables should be the kinds that provide the most protein, nutrients, and fiber for the fewest calories. However, keep in mind that vegetables don’t provide much protein compared to meat, eggs, and other protein foods.

In this guide, we’ll share which high-protein vegetables to prioritize, along with delicious recipes that feature them.

The top 10 high-protein vegetables

  1. Spinach: 57% protein
  2. Bok choy: 56% protein
  3. Asparagus: 53% protein
  4. Mushrooms: 52% protein
  5. Collard greens: 45% protein
  6. Kale: 43% protein
  7. Arugula: 42% protein
  8. Romaine lettuce: 40% protein
  9. Turnip greens: 40% protein
  10. Brussels sprouts: 38% protein