Easiest Keto Waffles Recipe – Actually Taste Like Real Waffles

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Keto waffles are probably my new favorite breakfast recipe. They are super easy, delicious and fun to make with the kids.

If you have recently bought a waffle maker, and you’re looking to do something with it as you have recently decided to give the ketogenic diet a try, then THIS is the recipe that might just save your life.

Easiest Keto Waffles Recipe – Actually Taste Like Real Waffles

I show you how to make keto waffles using almond flour. They are low carb, high fat, and best of all they taste amazing (the kids will love them too)



  • in a large bowl, beat your eggs until well combined.
  • in a separated bowl, dd the almond flour, baking powder,salt, and xanthan gum. mix thoroughly
  • warm the almond milk up on the stove for about 3 mins. make sure is not too hot otherwise you'll cook the eggs
  • mix the eggs in the first bowl, adding the erythritol, melted butter and vanilla extract
  • combine the eggs with the almond flour mixture and let it sit for about 5 mins while the waffle iron heats up
  • follow the direction on your waffle iron manual on how to cook these badboys . (usually around 7mins). let them sit to cool slightly and enjoy.


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