How to Make Keto Japanese Matcha Bread in a Bread Maker

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With one-click automatic function

💕 Hello everyone, I’m Vivian, I’m sharing today~ Ketogenic matcha bread , two methods of bread machine and oven, I’ll share with you at one time. Oven version, made with 2-time fermentation, super delicious~


165g warm water (40 degree Celcius)

4 g Honey

(The honey in the ingredients is the food of the yeast, and the yeast will eat the honey, so there is no problem in carbohydrate control.)

2g Instant yeast

3 Eggs (medium) 188 g

100 g Wheat Gluten

75 g Coconut Flour

9 g Matcha Powder

20 g Psyllium husk Powder

50 g Erythritol

100 g whipping cream

💕Bread Maker Soft bread Mode (3:57 , 3 hours 57 minutes mode)

Bread machine Version:

(Baking time about 46 minutes)

💕 Without a bread maker:

Oven version 0f Simple one-time fermentation:

Reference video

2:59 start

Taste comparison:

Made without a bread machine, and it is baked in the oven, the taste will not be too bad.


Yields serving = 7 – 9

Per serving:

Net carbs: 2.7- 3.5 g                   

Protein: 13.2-17 g

Fat: 11.4-14.7g

Fiber: 4.1-5.3 g                       

Calories: 146-220 Kcal

The above data is for reference only