Keto Sugar Free Syrup

Keto Sugar Free Syrup 生酮饮食糖浆

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Have you eaten syrup without sugar before? Should we call syrup without putting sugar? The answer is “Yes”!. We can use the substitute sugar like stevia, erythritol, allulose and else to make it. It is a Natural sweeteners also known as sugar substitutes that can be extracted as such from plants. It taste sweet like the normal sugar but it is substitute sugar. This substitute sugar can satisfy their sugar craving who have high insulin resistance people and diabetics. Of course, if you are good in insulin and normal healthy you can edible it as well. It won’t spike your blood sugar and also insulin resistance. You can use syrup for any food like pancake, cooking, brew beverage, dessert and else. Now I going to show you how to make keto syrup without form crystal at bottom bottle. It is easy just follow the recipe that I gave. Ok. Let’s make it.

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Keto Sugar Free Syrup

Keto Sugar Free Syrup

No spike blood sugar, good for ketogenic diet and diabetics
Three ingredients only. it is simple and easy. Let's do it.
Servings 5


  • 1.5 tbsp Monk fruit sweetener
  • 1/8 tsp Xanthan gum
  • 150 ml warm water


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