Warning vegans! Animal proteins are crucial for healthy aging, major study of 50,000 women shows

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  • Eating plant-based with small amounts of animal protein wards off diseases
  • Research shows that vegan diets can be harmful for overall health

Plant-based eating has been put on a pedestal for years with claims that it’s more nutritious and wards off diseases better than eating meat.

However, researchers from Tufts University found that consuming small amounts of either meat or dairy could bolster healthy aging in women.

In a study of more than 48,000 women collected over three decades, women who ate mostly plant protein sources like vegetables and beans while still consuming small amount of animal protein were 46 percent more likely to be healthier as they aged.

The team found diminished reports of heart disease, cancerdiabetes, and cognitive decline.

The study is one of many in recent years that have suggested that animal protein, even in a mostly plant-based diet, is crucial for warding off chronic disease.