50g Japan quality Wakame


  • Low Carb: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • High Fat: ⭐️
  • Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes
  • Suggestion: For Cooking


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Wakame is one of the major types of edible seaweed. This sea vegetable is widely used in Asian dishes, and is most often served in soups and salads, or as a side dish to seafood. Wild harvested in Australian waters, it is usually farmed in Japan and Korea. Most likely the wakame you’d find at the store comes from one of these two countries.

Fast Facts

  • Nutrition: good source of fatty acids, minerals
  • Origin: Japan, Korea
  • Uses: soups, salads, seasoning
  • Preparation: use dry or rehydrated
  • Buy: international aisle, Asian markets

What Is Wakame?

Wakame is a species of sea vegetable, commonly referred to as seaweed, extensively used in Japanese and other Asian cuisines, especially in soups, salads, and snacks, but also as a seasoning. Wakame is deep green in color; it is occasionally referred to as “sea mustard,” likely because it resembles mustard greens when cooked, but not because of its mild flavor, which is unlike the peppery vegetable.

It’s available in two forms: dried, which is most common, and salted. The salted variety is sold refrigerated in a sealed package.



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