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Sustinex Whey Protein Concentrate contains 5 grams of high-quality whey protein in every scoop. This powder has excellent solubility and mixes easily with a wide variety of hot or cold foods and beverages, and can also be used to boost the protein intake of the diet.

300 Grams :


  • Easy mix formulation
  • Made from high-quality whey protein (containing 80% concentrated whey protein)
  • Provide 5g of protein per scoop
  • Unsweetened and unflavoured
  • High branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and essential amino acids
  • Low carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes
  • Zero maltodextrin

    Nutritional Ingredients

    Whey Protein Concentrated  (cow milk protein)


    Serving Size: 6.3g (1 scoop)

    Nutritional Facts  Per Serving (6.3g)
    Energy 26 kcal
        – Energy from fat source 4 kcal
    Protein 5.0 g
    Fat 0.5 g
    Comprising of:
        – Saturated fatty acids 0.4 g
        – Monosaturated fatty acids 0.1 g
        – Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.013 g
        – Trans fat 0.025 mg
    Cholesterol 13.9 mg
    Carbohydrate 0.4 mg
        -Total sugar (lactose) 0.4 mg
    Calcium 25.8 mg
    Sodium 12.6 mg
    Iron 0.1 mg

    Dosage & Administration

    Mix 1 scoop (6.3g) Sustinex Whey Protein Concentrate powder with 15ml of room temperature water until paste forms, then add beverages or liquid formulas gradually into the paste, stir well and serve.


    Sprinkle the desired amount of Sustinex Whey Protein Concentrate into premixed or prepared foods, mix well and serve.

    *Sustinex Whey Protein Concentrate is suitable to be added to the feeding formula, soups, beverages or other prepared foods (mashed potato, porridge, noodles, oatmeal etc) without altering the taste.

    Additional Information


    • Opened bottles should be tightly closed and stored in a cool and dry place. Consume within 1 month after opening.


    • Use as a dietary supplement only. Do not use it for weight reduction purposes. This product is not intended to be a sole source of nutrition.


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