Keto sesame butter cake 155g


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Cake Base: Almond flour, black sesame powder, coconut oil, eggs, fresh milk, sugar substitute
Filling: Homemade black sesame paste
Top Layer Butter: Butter, whipped cream, black sesame powder
Black sesame, classified as seeds and also considered a type of nut, is a rich source of fats. It contains essential fatty acids, proteins, as well as various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, incorporating black sesame into your diet can have health benefits for most people. However, the effectiveness depends on how it is paired with other ingredients.

If used in baking, as it is not a staple food and consumed occasionally, it is still highly suitable 😊 Moreover, pure black sesame powder is not inherently sweet, but after baking and adding sugar substitute, its rich aroma becomes enchanting 🤗


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