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Today, many people have been turning to fish oil supplements as it is difficult and expensive to consume fresh fish every day to fulfil their daily requirement of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. However, not all fish oil supplements are created equal as various factors can affect the quality of the supplement. The EPA and DHA needs also varies depending on the individual’s health status, which makes it difficult for people to consume sufficient amounts of omega-3. Nova Omega-3S is a triple-strength formula of molecularly distilled triglyceride fish oil, sourced from small, deep-sea Peruvian anchovies.


Nova Omega-3S contains 1200mg of quality fish oil, providing 300mg of DHA and 600mg of EPA in a highly absorbable triglyceride form. Molecularly distillation ensures that the fish oil is pure and potent, free from contaminants and impurities. It is also enhanced with ACTISOF technology to increase the absorption of fish oil by 3 times, ensuring your body is getting the most out of every softgel.


By consuming this triple-strength fish oil, you can enjoy 3 health benefits:

  1. Maintain healthy level of triglycerides and support heart health
  2. Promote good brain health and mood
  3. Control inflammation

60 Softgels:


  • ACTISOF technology for improved absorption
  • Triple-strength omega-3 formula (900mg) that allows a convenient once-daily dosing
  • Natural, highly absorbable triglyceride form of omega-3




Nutritional Ingredients

Fish Oil
(Providing 600mg EPA TG and 300mg DHA TG)
1200 mg
Methylparaben 0.80 mg

*Source of gelatin is derived from bovine.

Dosage & Administration

Adults: Take 1 softgel once daily after meals, or as directed by your pharmacist or physician.

Additional Information

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store below 30°C.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use together with warfarin.
  • Safety during pregnancy cannot be established due to insufficient reliable data.


Additional Information

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