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Whether you are gluten-free or want to eat healthier, we got you covered with our pasta. When cooking with HWH Spaghetti, it tastes and feels just like regular pasta. And because it’s made from 100% wheat and our world patended super 4 ingredients names Lentil, Fenugreek, Okra, Barley , you can go ahead and ladle in your favorite sauce straight away. It’ll be delicious! And diabetic friendly.


Satisfy your craving with the healthy alternative.

Satisfy your craving with delicious pasta and noodles made from HWH Spaghetti. With a certified Glycemic Index of 38, you can feel good about what you’re eating while tasting great

Time for a healthier way to enjoy pasta

Whether you’re looking for a gluten-free alternative, want to reduce your carb intake or are diabetic, our HWH Spaghetti has the same great taste and texture as white flour pasta. It’s also a lot easier on your wallet!





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