Cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria, and cannot generate energy efficiently.

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Because of this, and their heightened energy demand, they require as much as 400 times the amount of glucose than regular cells do.

This is called the Warburg effect, after Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg who discovered this.

Limiting carbs limits energy to cancer cells. Plain and simple… And we’ve known this since the 1920’s…

The other potential source of energy for cancer cells is glutamine, something that Dr Warburg didn’t know, but Dr Seyfried discovered more recently. This is why some cancers don’t respond as well to ketogenic metabolic therapy alone as others do. There are medications that can interrupt glutamine metabolism, but sadly they aren’t approved for most cancers, and there’s no pharma funding going into it because they are already off patent.

Another independent benefit of ketogenic metabolic therapy and cancer comes from two papers published in 2019 and 2020 respectively that showed those on a ketogenic diet sensitised their cancer cells to chemo and radiation, and protected their healthy cells from both chemo and radiation as well. This made both chemo and radiation more effective and safer.

So for these and other reasons, the ketogenic diet is the only diet ever to be shown to benefit cancer treatment and improve outcomes in hundreds of human trials, including Randomised Controlled Trials, along with thousands of animal studies. So either way, it’s something to strongly consider as an addition to your treatment at the very least and to discuss with your doctor.

For more on this, watch my podcast episode with top cancer biologist and Professor at Boston College, Dr Thomas Seyfried. Link below.

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