Keto Pineapple Tart (cake )

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🍍Hello everyone, I’m Vivian, I’m sharing today~ Ketogenic Pineapple Cake.I used zucchini , turmeric powder, and lemon juice to make keto pineapple filling. Parmesan cheese is added to the tart crust, and the flavor is 100% perfect. Let’s make it with me. !

Keto Pineapple Tart (cake )


1. 45g softened butter

2. 1 medium egg (60-63g) (room temperature)

3. 145g almond flour

4. 25g Golden flaxseed meal

5. 30g Erythritol

6. 10g Parmesan cheese

7. 1 g psullium husk powder


1. 100 g Peeled and diced zucchini

2. 40g Erythritol

3. 15g Psyllium husk powder

4. 1/8 tsp turmeric powder  (or Cinnamon)

5. 9 g lemon juice


1. One egg yolk

Leave them to oil return for 16 hours, it will be more delicious


Yields serving = 7

Per serving:

Net carbs: 2.5 g                   

Protein: 6.8 g

Fat: 24.4 g

Fiber: 3.7 g                       

Calories: 260 Kcal

The above data is for reference only