Keto Tofu pudding with ground peanut dressing

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🌸 Hello everyone, I’m Vivian, I’m sharing ~sugar-free tofu pudding with peanut dressing, this tofu pudding is super easy to make, not only low-calorie , but also and low-carb, eating the dessert is not afraid of getting fat, and the point is that it is super delicious, let’s make it with me .
🌟Low-calorie dessert 🌟

🌸Only 60 kcal of tofu pudding with peanut dressing! No gypsum, no brine, tofu pudding with peanut dressing, high blood sugar people can also eat them!

Keto Tofu pudding with ground peanut dressing

🌸 Hello everyone, my name is Vivian. Today I am sharing creative peanut bean curd. This is a simple, low-calorie and delicious low-sugar dessert. Let’s make it with me. Go Go Go🌸Only 60 calories of bean curd! No gypsum, no brine, KETO peanut bean curd, high blood sugar can also eat!
🌸Afternoon tea can eat such delicious peanut bean curd without adding a drop of sugar, so satisfying!
🌸Super fragrant peanut powder makes healthy and delicious bean curd! The practice is very simple, and the prepared sauce is poured over it to have a high-end dessert feeling! You must try it out~!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
🌸 Friends who want to learn Douhua, come quickly~ Clear video steps, complete material formula, simple operation teaching, let you succeed in one go♫
🌸 Make your own low-calorie beancurd? Can't believe it's so easy! !
🌸It is safe and healthy to make it yourself, it tastes delicious, and the method is simple. Let’s try it and see. You will never want to buy bean curd from outside to go home.


douha wuth peanut dressing

  • 200 g sugarless soy milk
  • 4 g powdered gelatin vegeterians can use jelly T
  • 15 g erythritol or use 10g sugar,if you are not dieters


  • 30 g whipping cream
  • 7 g powdered erythritol or use 5g powdered sugar, if you are not dieters
  • 9 g ground peanut


  • 1 g ground peanut
  • 1.5 g baked chopped almond
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