Keto Sesame Bread | Keto yeast bread | Bread Machine & Oven Bread versions

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💕 Hello everyone, I’m Vivian, I’m sharing today~ Ketogenic milk-flavored sesame Bread, two methods of bread machine and oven, I will share with you at one time, the recipe is added with wheat gluten to make bread soft and chewy~

How to Make Keto Sesame Bread in a Bread Maker

With one-click automatic function

Wheat Gluten version


70g warm water (40 degree Celcius)

5g Honey

(The honey in the ingredients is the food of the yeast, and the yeast will eat the honey, so there is no problem in carbohydrate control.)

2.5g Instant yeast

1 Egg (medium) 60-62 g

85 g Wheat Gluten

10g Coconut Flour

23 g Golden flaxseed meal

3 g Psyllium husk Powder

1g Salt

15-20 g Erythritol (15g for oven version, 20g for bread machine version)

💕Bread Maker Soft bread Mode (3:57 , 3 hours 57 minutes mode)

Bread machine Version:

(Baking time about 46 minutes)

💕 Without a bread maker:

Oven version of complete 2-time fermentation

Model size: 9*18*7 cm (the baking time will vary according to the size of the model)

1. Measure 15 grams of cream first, cut into small pieces (let him soften first)

2. Mix 70 grams of warm water with 5 grams of honey, then add instant yeast and mix well, let it activate first

3. All the dry powder and sesame seeds are measured and mixed well before use (because the psyllium powder alone is easy to agglomerate when it touches the water, so mix the dry powder first)

4. (Add liquids) Beat the eggs a little, add flour, add animal fresh cream, and finally add yeast powder and water, mix well with a fork

5. Finally add the cream and mix well with a rubber spatula

6. Knead by hand for 1 minute (like the action of washing clothes)

7. Put it directly in the kneading basin, put it in a warm place, and cover it to prevent drying (I put it in a large pot and cover it, and I can put a cup of warm water in it) to ferment for about two hours (I fermented for 130 minutes) ) fermented to double in size

8. Pat the dough to exhaust, then shape it a little, put it into the mold, shape the surface a little more beautifully, put it in a warm place, cover it to prevent drying, ferment it to twice its size, and find the right time to put it in the oven during fermentation Preheat to 190 degrees

9. Put it in the preheated oven, bake at 190 degrees for 15 minutes, cover the surface with aluminum foil to prevent the color from being too dark, bake for another 10 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes (25 minutes for the whole process)

10. Unmold, let it cool and cut into 9 slices

Taste comparison:

Made with a bread machine, because it is secondary fermentation, it is relatively soft and delicious, but without a bread machine, it is simply baked in an oven for one fermentation, and the taste will not be too bad.


Yields serving = 6 – 9

Per serving:

Net carbs: 2- 3.1 g                   

Protein: 10-15.2 g

Fat: 5.7-8.5 g

Fiber: 1.4-2 g                       

Calories: 99-148 Kcal

The above data is for reference only