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This is a perfect combination of ground sunflower and flax seeds. Some of you may find that sunflower seed bread or flaxseed bread is quite strong in flavor by itself but when combined together, the flavor becomes milder and much more pleasant. I actually love the aroma and taste of this bread. It is moderately soft and airy with a nice bread texture. When toasted, it is very crispy. They are great for sandwiches too. At only 1 g net carb per serving, it’s guilt free, healthier and much cheaper than using nut flours.


  • Raw Sunflower Seeds = 180 g / 1 1/2 cup (The sunflower seeds should be finely ground. You can refer to this video on how to grind the sunflower seeds – https://youtu.be/azM2TFxauVA )
  • Golden Flaxseeds = 180 g / 1 1/2 cups (The golden flaxseeds are finely ground in my multi grinder. If you’re using flaxseed meal, do grind it further until a finer texture.so that the bread will be lighter)
  • Baking Powder = 16 g / 4 tsp (If using double acting, reduce amount by half)
  • Salt = 1/2 to 1 tsp
  • Psyllium Husks = 27 g / 3 tbsp (Note: The psyllium husks must be ground until half its original volume before using then weigh it. This is important as it will absorb the water more effectively and this is actually more suitable for baking. However, if you are using pre ground psyllium powder, only 1 to 2 tsp is required as it is very concentrated. If you add too much, the bread will be denser, wetter and stickier. Please see this video about psyllium husk and powder for better understanding and success – https://youtu.be/_bnCwudgFt4)


  • Egg Whites = 8 large (287 g) OR 4 whole large eggs (Note: The protein from egg whites helps to boost the rise while the fats from egg yolks hinders the rise. Using egg whites also prevents any eggy taste. Hence, it is recommended to use egg whites)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar = 45 ml / 3 tbsp (White vinegar or lemon juice can be used too)
  • Hot or boiling water = 200 ml / 0.8 cup / 13 1/2 tbsp