Keto Flaky Puff Pastry with Sugar-free Almond Cream Filling

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Buttery flaky puff pastry with super fragrant sugar-free almond cream filling flavored orange zest and brandy. This is Kye’s 100% afternoon tea dessert~


Keto Puff Pastry
– 75g Almond flour
– ½tsp Xanthan gum
– ¾tsp Baking powder
– 45g Egg white
– 45g Almond flour
– 50g Butter
– ¼ tsp Vanilla powder

Sugar-Free Almond Cream Filling

– 30g Butter
– 40g Sugar substitute (I use allulose)
– 30g Almond flour
– Zest of half an orange
– 1/8tsp salt
– 20g Egg
– ½tsp Brandy/rum (optional)
– ½tsp Vanilla essence